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Hello, this is my first game. Though it is only a prototype. I do not plan to work on this project and turn it into a complete game.

This is a game where you roll a cube left and right, dodging the never ending falling cubes that will kill you if you touch them. When a cube hits the ground a piece of gold drops. Pick it up and you get 1 point. Try to get the highest score you can!

The game has 3 difficulties. Easy, medium, and hard. But I would recommend to only play medium. As, easy is a little too easy and hard is "unfair" with no real mechanics in the game that allows you to dodge tricky situations. Also the highscores are shared though the 3 difficulties.

Install instructions

Simply extract the .rar/.zip, open up the folder and run "CubeDodger.exe"


Cube Dodger[PT].rar 22 MB

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